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Your projects are important, and we're all about helping your project's data work for you. Whether you need us to build an advanced engineering script for Revit, create a list of the project's fixtures, or visualize engineering data for your AOC meeting, our team is dedicated to maximizing the value of your data.

Data Audit

We assess your current and past Revit project's data quality and structure. Our team will identify all the challenges, priorities, and opportunities of extracting and using the available data.

Data Visualization

Our team integrates and configures a variety of tools to help your team better interpret your data. We can use data you provide or we can retrieve data from Revit Projects and visualize the data with interactive graphs and dashboards. The visualized data enables your project team to comprehend critical metrics in order to strategize and come up with robust solutions.

We can integrate the data to your visualization software of choices including but not limited to:

  • Power BI

  • Excel Worksheets

  • JavaScript

  • Google Data Studio

  • Python

  • PowerPoint

  • Tableau

  • R

Software Development

We deliver reliable and efficient data-driven software and scripts tailored to the companies’ specific datasets, objectives and challenges. We build tools that extract the most value from data, enabling your team to optimize man-hours, minimize errors, and produce a better product.

  • Custom Revit-Addins

  • Custom Dynamo Scripts

  • Custom Windows Applications

  • Custom Excel Worksheets

  • Custom C,C++,C# applications

  • JavaScript for Website Visualization

Data Cleansing and Organization

We help your team classify, modify, format and organize information collected from multiple data sources. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly identify and address technical issues with databases. This contributes to effective project management and decision making across operations.

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